The books are chosen, the work begins

Below we have a list of the chosen book’s title and call number for the project Books! Check them Out!-Alden. The bookmarks were instructed to be installed some time between today and Thursday October 10th. Photos to follow soon from the workshop and efforts of the students!
Edge of the Universe: A voyage to the cosmic horizon and beyond- QB982.H35 2012
The Hunger Games- P27.c6837 Hun 2008 (TWO PEOPLE CHOSE THIS BOOK)
Chapman’s Homer: The Iliad, The Odyssey, Lesser Homerica- PA4025.a7 C5 1956
1984- PR6104.U575 G46 2012x
Marine Biology: An Ecological Approach-QM91.N9 2001
Atlas of Egyptian Art- N5351.P813 2000x
Cant Stop Wont Stop-M63531.C5 2005
Creatures of the Deep Sea-QL124.GB 1956x
China: A New History DS735. F27 1992
Backcountry Classroom – LB 1047.B55 2005
The Catcher in the Rye- PS3537.A426 C38 c.2 (TWO PEOPLE CHOSE THIS BOOK)
Russian Monarchy-JN6540.W475 2003
Confronting the Holocaust- PQ2683.I32 Z65
Lord of the Rings-PR6039.O32 L6 1993
Hamlet-PR2807 B28 2008x
Dinosaurs QE861.4.L94 2007
Coraline-PZ7. G1273 Co 2002


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